Client Testimonials


Linda provided great advice and assistance for both selling our home and purchasing the new one. Her very caring style, personal, boutique style was greatly appreciated versus others we have dealt with in the past with a more mass market/industrial approach.

My wife and I recommend Linda to everyone who is looking to buy or sell their home.

On taking possession of our new home, we found that there had been damage done since we had last seen it. Linda responded instantly and took ownership of working with all of the parties involved. After significant effort she was able to get the situation resolved and return our new home to the pristine condition that we had envisioned with no out of pocket costs for our side of the transaction.

Phil Harris
January 2017

What a remarkable agent! We were absolutely thrilled with Linda. She was a pleasure to deal with. Of the 7 homes we have sold over the years, this was by far the best experience. Selling a home can be very stressful, and Linda was there to personally support us every step of the way. Linda is a very knowledgeable, supportive, energetic, understanding, responsive and hard working agent. She clearly loves her job! She helped guide us through multiple offers and get top $ for our home in only 4 days. We would not hesitate to hire Linda again. 5 Stars!

Terry Daniels
November 2015

When we fell in love with a country property and made a spontaneous decision to purchase we needed to find an agent who was familiar with Oakville and particularly Glen Abbey to help sell our home. Having had some less that positive experiences with real estate agents in the past we approached this undertaking with trepidation. We could not have made a better decision in partnering with Linda. Her personal attention and dedication to every aspect of the process more than exceeded our expectations. She supported us personally in every possible way. We would not hesitate to recommend Linda. Thank you!

Barbara Schejbal
March 2015

I can not say enough about my most recent experience both buying and selling a home with Linda. This was not the first time. She has nurtured me through one rental, three purchases and two sales. I have also referred her to both my parents and friends. 

This week I am moving into my new home. Linda truly understands how important that choice is and how deeply individual. Over the past two years I have called Linda on several occasions, mulling over whether to sell my home, worrying whether the market was right, whether the decision was right. Twice I was prepared to sell and then changed my mind. Linda never waivered in her support. When I made the final decision to sell, I was only going to be in town for 5 days. I called her on a Monday, we prepared my house Tuesday, listed Wednesday and had an offer over asking on Thursday, put an offer on my new house, the offer was accepted and signed and I was gone again on Friday.

Linda was present at the home inspection on my behalf. I knew that if she thought the condition of the house was acceptable I would too. I trust her judgement, her taste, and most importantly her integrity in all areas of real estate.

Rachelle Marsan
November 2014

I came to Linda as a recent university grad from the United States. I had never rented or purchased a condo before and I knew little about the Mississauga market, neighborhood, or real estate process. Linda was knowledgeable, approachable, and available to answer all my questions. She frequently went above and beyond to provide me with in-depth, useful information on the state of the housing market and useful considerations I would not have thought of on my own. When it came to helping me identify what I was looking for in a condo, she asked great questions that helped me narrow and focus my thinking. She identified several condos in my desired area that suited my tastes and was great at keeping me aware of listings as they were posted to the market and taking me around to see them. She even secured a wonderful rental that suited my needs and price point that wasn’t listed on the market! Once I had selected a place, she was great at stewarding me through the complicated processes and paperwork. She provided me with a mortgage specialist who was great at explaining all my options to me. Altogether Linda made the very intimidating and nebulous process of buying your first home easy and enjoyable. I felt like I was in good hands; hands that I could trust and that were looking after me the entire time. I would absolutely recommend Linda’s exceptional skills to anyone in a similar position to me: new to the area, not much knowledge of real estate, or even where to start. Put your trust in her and you will not be disappointed.

Darren Chu
October 2014

Linda was our agent for the sale of our house in Oakville. Linda worked very closely with us in preparing the house for sale for months before we listed, she had extensive knowledge of the current market and was extremely organized and prepared when it came time to list. The result was a sale within a few days of listing after multiple offers and a price over asking. And most importantly very happy clients!

Wayne Lasher
May 2014

My husband and I have recently moved to Oakville from the UK. Linda was highly recommended to us by a friend, and she has been instrumental in helping make our move back as painless as possible. We began working with Linda nearly 18 months ago, before we knew for sure when we would be in Oakville. Linda was always available to us whenever we were in town to show us houses and to help us in our research. She made tons of great suggestions, and really listened to us. It was fantastic to be able to work with someone who didn't put any pressure on us and who understood our circumstances, particularly with organising a trans-atlantic move! 

We particularly liked that we never once felt pushed or pressured at all. Linda is great at pointing out all the little things with houses that the normal person doesn't see, the things that can only come from someone with years of experience. We really felt like it was her primary goal to find us the right house, not just to make a sale and move on. Linda knows her stuff inside and out - it was excellent to be able to bounce ideas off of her when we were looking at different places, and she really helped inform our decisions without putting pressure on us. She knows the Oakville market thoroughly, and has great relationships with other agents in the area. She presents herself with honesty and integrity at every meeting. In addition, Linda is a lot of fun to be around - a great sense of humour and a warm character. We always felt at ease with Linda, which made the whole house-hunting process so much easier. 

The house she found for us was so much better than we even dared to hope for when we first started looking. Linda spotted an opportunity before it was publicly listed - she knew the house would be perfect for us (in fact, when she called us about it, she opened with "I think I've found your house!"). She was able to negotiate the purchase in a way that worked wonderfully for everyone involved without the house being put on the market. We are incredibly excited to move into our dream home - and are thrilled to be having Linda as a neighbour! 

Linda has also offered to help us get set up with contractors and renovators for when we move into our new home - it's great to have someone who knows people who provide quality service and good value, which will no doubt save us a lot of time and headache.

Our experience overall has been brilliant; we would not even consider using anyone else in the future - though we don't plan to need to! We have not hesitated to recommend Linda to friends and family, and will continue to do so. 

Lauren & George Wallis
April 2014

Linda has worked for us on 3 assignments in Oakville. We started with our relocation from Chicago at the end of 2009 (we are British ex-pats), and were very lucky to find Linda who provided us with great advise, supported our relocation and initially landed us into a great rental with a truly great deal. Linda then helped us purchase our 1st home in Canada 18 months later, and finally sold our property within 3 weeks of listing in a very cold December at the end of 2013 within a sluggish market (we are after 4 years relocating to Singapore). I highly recommend Linda to anyone looking to move in Oakville / Toronto / GTA area, relocate or sell. She has a strong legal background which gives her a great depth of Knowledge and distinct credibility. Linda provided us with the end to end and after service on each assignment, helping to beautifully stage our home, introduce us to Oakville, getting us contractors, services, you name it, and also acting as an initial social support by linking us up with people who over time became close friends..

On a personal level we found Linda great to work with and always really good fun to be around. Linda has great perception of how to balance her intensity levels with all personalities in order to make clients, and agents feel comfortable. Working incredibly hard for us at all times, we never felt uncomfortable with Linda and of course spent a lot of time together. Her integrity is unquestionable and she provides direct and honest feedback, having a really good understanding of the Oakville market. She is of course a great negotiator/closer and on each assignment we felt fully satisfied that we had achieved the best deal.

Linda's exceptional results speak for themselves and we would not consider working with any other agent in Ontario. We are already looking forward to our opportunity to working with Linda again if (when) we return to the GTA/Canada.

Liam & Vanessa Douglas
March 2014

We used Linda on the sale of our existing home as well as the purchase of our new home. She was incredibly accommodating through every facet of the sale and purchase. She gave hugly valuable advice and kept us calm when things looked like they might go off the rails. We found her to be very knowledgeable, easy to work with and a true advocate for well as working very hard on our behalf. A+

Dan MacKay
May 2013

Linda came to us (my wife Amy and me) via a recommendation from a friend. 
Amy and I cannot say enough about how tremendous the relationship with Linda was, culminating in the purchase of the exact house we envisioned with Linda, at the outset and the fast sale of our existing home.
Amy and I truly beleive Linda separates herself from other agents, in the fact that she treats you like a friend, not like a "transaction" and she truly treats the process as a relationship. 
Linda is a tireless worker, who has temendous market knowledge. These attributes make her a great asset for finding the perfect home in the area, but most importantly she listended, cared and never waivered from finding the house we were looking for, regardless of the time it took. Linda also went way above and beyond in helping us ready our current house for sale.

We highly recommed Linda!

Jim Zwarich
May 2013

We had the pleasure of working with Linda in purchasing our new (dream) home. From our very first meeting, we were impressed with her integrity, kindness and desire to help us find exactly what we wanted for our family. We had our heart set on a specific community in which homes rarely come on the market. With great perseverance, keen understanding of the community, and broad network of contacts, Linda introduced us to a prospective seller and helped us make a successful offer on a home prior to the ‘for sale’ sign being posted. She was equally helpful during the sale of our home: she went above and beyond in helping us prepare it for listing (decorating, staging, etc.), which resulted in a quick and profitable sale. We highly recommend working with Linda.

Lisa Norton
April 2013

Linda was absolutely fantastic on every aspect of the sale of my last home and the purchase of my recent home. I completely trusted her judgement, experience and thoughly enjoyed working with her. As a result everything from getting my old house ready, going through all necessary paperwork and moving to my new home was so much less stressful.

I wouldn't hesitate to recommend her to anyone I know and even though I really do not want to move again for a very, very long time ..... If I do move, she will be the person I will call.

Wendy Wilkins
January 2013

Linda is a professional agent who has a very good understanding of the real estate market. She is personable and is easy to work with. Linda is persistent and understands her clients' needs. She was able to find the exact house we were looking for after a long search. She also has an extensive list of trades that she generaously recommends to her clients. 
I strongly recommend Linda as a Real Estate Agent.

Kamran Vafaei
August 2012

Prior to meeting Linda we were unfamiliar with the process of buying and selling however she put us immediately at ease. She quickly assessed our needs and help us prioritize them ensuring we would be satisfied with our property both in the short-term and long-term. She was extremely knowledgeable with the market especially as it relates to long-term value.

Linda was a pleasure to work with. She was extremely professional and highly responsive to all of our requests. We are thrilled with our new home and we owe that to Linda's superior guidance and perseverance!

Bridget Sun
April 2011

Linda was a tireless champion and knowledgeable advisor in selling our home during pretty tough real estate market!

Andrew Morris
March 2011

Linda is a true real estate professional. She has the very unique ability to translate her client requirements together with a deep understanding of the Oakville market and current pricing dynamics.

I would highly recommend Linda to anyone in my network seeking the very best care and expertise from their real estate representative.

Andy Solty
February 2011

Linda sold our old house and helped us purchase our new one. She maintained the perfect balance between professional and friendly service. If it wasn't for Linda's insights when we were making an offer on our new home, our offer would not never have been accepted. If you are looking for a real estate agent, I would highly recommend her.

Steve Benyo
January 2011

Linda is an experienced Real Estate agent who really helped us out when we were relocating from Calgary to Oakville. We had a short time frame within which to find a home in 2009 and Linda did a great job showing us a variety of homes in a number of locations in Oakville. She was really organized, personable and well connected. She helped us to find a home that we really love.

Tamra Scott
January 2011

I have had the opportunity to work with Linda on the purchase (2007) and subsequent sale (2010) of our home in Oakville. The experience from both transactions has caused me to develop a extremely favorable impression of her expertise in the Oakville housing market and her admirable work ethics. Linda is very reliable, and can be counted on to provide honest and straightforward views - something I find very valuable.

I will highly recommend Linda to anyone.

Millan Mulraine
January 2011

Linda has a concern for results. She accurately assesses the needs of her clients and quickly acts on their behalf to find them a home that best suits their needs. I'd highly recommend her again in the future.

Diane Talbot-Schoenhoff
January 2011